Public Safety Equipment


Experienced design and installation of equipment for the public safety sector.    Including emergency vehicle lighting and sound, other public safety vehicle lighting, and personal vehicle lighting solutions. 

Mobile radio and communications, mobile computer systems, on-board navigation systems, mobile audio-visual systems, installations and solutions.

Auxiliary Electronics

Let us help you with your home entertainment needs, we can assist with equipment selection, wiring, and locations for equipment.  We can install all the necessary wiring during construction of a new home, that way all the wiring is hidden and the system is integrated into your home.

We can design and do complete custom installations for networking, satellite, home theatre, cable, sound, intercom, communications, fire alarm, and burglar alarm Systems for new, existing, historic, remodel, or infill structures. 


Some of our Previous Electronics Projects Include:
If there are any questions about any of the installs please feel free to E-Mail me.


Bolivar Police Department - Patrol Car # 4

         This project was the complete Equipment Removal from old car and Installation in the new patrol car.  The Equipment consisted of a Code 3 MX7000 Lightbar, Code 3 V-Con Siren/Control Unit, Sony Camera System, Motorola Maxtrac Mobile Radio, Uniden Bearcat Scanner, Stalker Radar Unit, Code 3 ArrowStik, 4 Outlet Hide-A-Way Strobe Kit, Federal Signal Headlight Flasher, Prisoner Screen, and Antenna's for the Radio, Scanner, and Camera System. 

As the before and after picture's can illistrate, the equipment inside the car was better organized and mounted for officer's comfort and appearance of the interior in the after.  We want every customer to be happy with the work completed so we make it as custom as we can to acomidate the special needs of each department.

These are the Before Picture's of Car # 4 ( Previous Company's Installation in old car )



Here are the After Pictures of Car # 4 ( After Equipment Intensive, LLC Installed Equipment in new car )


Bolivar Police Department - Investigator's Car

    This project was the sales and installation of new equipment into a new car.  This installation will not have much to show for it because it is a completely unmarked car with everything completely hidden for a concealed low profile look.  The equipment includes Whelen Headlight Flasher, Able 2 LED Light, Whelen Brake light/Back up light Flasher, Motorola Mobile Radio, and an Able 2 Remote siren.  I cant post a picture of it because of its purpose, but it is going to work out very nice for them.


Bolivar Police Department - D.A.R.E. Police Car


Blue Springs Police Department - Patrol Cars #'s 315, 316, 317, and 319

This project included about everything you can install in a patrol car excluding mobile computer's ( which is a future goal ).  The equipment included for this project consists of a Code 3 MX7000 Lightbar w/ ArrowStik & a 3M Opti Com, Factory Headlight Flasher and Corner marker Hidden Strobes, Uniden Bearcat Scanner, Motorola MaraTrac Remote Mobile Radio, Kustom Eye Witness Camera System, Kustom Golden Eagle Radar System, Code 3 V-Con Siren/Switch Control Unit, Pro Gaurd Shotgun Timer, Lock, and Mount, Pro Guard Prisoner Screen w/Roll Cage, D&R Electronics Fully Enclosed Console, Streamlight Rechargeable Flashlight, Litt Lite Flexible Interior light, Mounted Spike Strips, and a Tremco Anti-Theft Device.  One of the largest improvements with our installation was the camera system wireless microphone receiving antenna. In the "Before Picture you can see the old antenna stuck on the front windshield to the right of the camera, on our installations we suggested a trunk mounted omni-directional antenna.  The improvement in signal was measured in City Blocks, instead of Feet. Now the officers can walk off to the side of a patrol car, in a building, behind the car and still have a good signal.

These are Before Picture's of the Patrol Cars ( Previous Company's Installation in Old Cars )

Here are the After Pictures of New Cars ( After Equipment Intensive, LLC Installed Equipment in new cars )


Bolivar City Fire Department - Engine 5


This project is another that is ongoing.  We have added an array of equipment to this piece of apparatus recently.  The latest installation was a mobile scanner to monitor all fire ground channels while the truck radio stays on primary.  The other items are receiving antenna's for a 2.4GHz Thermal Imaging Receiver, and a Mobile Computerized TV Tuner.  In the past we have added such items as a telescoping Green command light so the command post can be marked clearly, a telescoping Flag pole on the rear of this truck and its twin (Engine 6). We have also added Code 3 Headlight Flashers to almost all BCFD Apparatus now, a great improvement in emergency response.

Bolivar City Fire Department - Truck 4


This truck was completely re-wired and some equipment added to it.  The equipment we added was two Code 3 Model 550 Beacons, Code 3 Headlight Flasher, Able 2 Switch control box, Code 3 V-Con Siren, rear scene lights, and an electronic backup alarm.

Bolivar City Fire Department - Chief 1


The Chief car was a first for the fire department, so it was a complete building process.  We started with a 1992 Chevrolet Caprice (retired police car) and installed a Code 3 MX7000 lightbar w/ ArrowStik, Code 3 Headlight Flasher, Code 3 Corner Marker Strobe System, Code 3 V-Con Siren/Switch Control Unit, Uniden Bearcat Scanner, and a vertical Stack Unit. Then we designed a Striping Design for the car and had it cut and installed.  The finished product turned out very good.

Blue Springs Police Department - Fleet Repair

    This project was the replacement of the halogen rotators in all of the lightbars with New D-Tech Rotators in 17 Patrol Cars with Code 3 MX7000 Lightbars.  This project had a couple of issues, because of some designing issues for the new D-Tech Rotators being retro-fitted in some of the older model MX7000 lightbars.  We were able to develop a solution for this problem and worked with Code 3 Engineers to fix it for future models.  The D-Tech Rotators have made a very big difference in the amount of light a lightbar emits.

Fairplay Police Department - Car 5501

    This was an Installation I completed before Equipment Intensive, LLC was in business.  This car was a complete equipment installation consisting of a full camera system, Code 3 MasterCom Siren/Switch Control Unit, Stalker Radar Unit, Uniden Scanner, Midland Mobile Radio, Code 3 LP6000 Lightbar, Whelen Dash Miser Strobes in the rear deck, Whelen Corner Marker Strobes, Whelen Grille Strobes, Whelen Headlight Flasher, and a vertical Stack Unit.

Polk County Sheriff's Department - Sheriff's Car


This is another one of my Pre-Equipment Intensive, LLC Installs.  This car was the Sheriff's Car, the equipment included in this install was Factory Headlight and Brake light/Back up Light Flashers, Code 3 Corner Marker Strobes, Code 3 Deckblaster in the front window, a Code 3 V-Con Siren/Switch Control Unit, a Midland Remote Mobile Radio, and a Keyless Entry System with Remote Start and Alarm.

Polk County Sheriff's Department - Fleet Repair

These projects include many minor repairs to equipment that has gone bad over time in the patrol cars. 

Bolivar City Fire Department - Station 1

    This project is an ongoing one.  We initially started with a network throughout the station all ran in conduit and boxes.  since the original plan we have added 3 coax runs from the roof and re-wired the phone system.  We will adding a ceiling mounted projector and wiring to compliment it in the near future.

City of Bolivar - City Services Fleet

    In this project we installed amber warning lights on all city vehicles.  Some of those have already been upgraded to more light with lightbar's and Strobe's.  The original lights were mainly Code 3 Model 550 Beacon's and Able 2 Pancake Lights that had to be used for height restrictions in the old building.

Econo-Chem, Inc. - Truck 1

    This project consisted of sales and installation of a Code 3 V-Con Siren, Able 2 Switch Control Box, Hide-A-Way Strobes in the rear of the truck, Grille mounted strobes, Code 3 Headlight Flasher, and Dual LED Lights mounted at the headliner.  We had a special situation with this project because it was not a public safety organization, but a supplier of Foam Products to the Fire Service.  Since this company is based out of Arkansas we had to have capability of only Red, Amber, and Clear on the vehicle.  In Oklahoma they are an all Blue, Amber, Clear State for Non-Law Enforcement, so we had to make that possible.  Some states like Missouri, it is ok for both so it just means more light in MO.  The purpose of having Emergency Lights is in some cases this company has to respond their product to a fire scene that is out of control or the product the department has on hand has been used already.

Central Polk County Fire & Rescue - Rescue 420

    On this project we had to completely re-wire the emergency lights on the body of the rescue truck, and replace three small relay driven flashers with one large solid state flasher.  The complicated part of this install was the age of the truck, it is really difficult to wire a vehicle that is already built and put together.  This is usually done on an emergency vehicle when it is still being built and has no interior, but we managed to complete with no problems.

Halfway Fire & Rescue - Brush Truck 940

    For this project we fabricated and installed a switch control box for all of the emergency equipment and re-wired the Radio and Siren.

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